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Who would have said that Thanksgiving is not the United States?


Who would have said that unlike Thanksgiving Mountain Qingquan down, to reveal the purity of the innocent smile?


Thanksgiving, when it burst forth from the depths of the soul when it determines that it no time. "Flu" and the word was given unlimited time meaning. Appreciation are, are grateful, are touching, or feeling, like a kaleidoscope of ever-changing, with the endless beauty. Thanksgiving heart can not tolerate the slightest bit of dust. Give you help others, not for fame or benefits, if so, you need not go Thanksgiving. It is precisely because other people support you from the heart, you return to him even more benefits should not have the Shadow. Yes, Thanksgiving is the most pure emotion, is the most innocent of the innocent children in the most raving of others sincere thanks. It is such a pure return, creating the beauty of Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is not a long road. To learn how to Thanksgiving, we must have a heart of Thanksgiving. First of all, Thanksgiving you parents, teachers and friends. When you still a child, when you study at the difficulties encountered in their daily lives, they will stand beside you. If you really want to learn to Thanksgiving, we start it from them. For parents to share a home, for teachers presented a bouquet of flowers for classmates to answer a difficult problem. Perhaps you do not enough to repay them, but, Thanksgiving is not required for substances of dust, but no time to mind. Yes, grateful for their bar, and only this way, you will slowly learn to Thanksgiving rather than being allowed to obtain only the heart of reducing the desert, unable to extricate themselves.


Then, go Thanksgiving those people strangers. Although you do not know do not know them, but they are also for the society and the job. It is their labor, and create the social material and spiritual beauty. Well, they is not worth it to you grateful for it? Perhaps you will say, we can not do anything for them, but we are a member of society, doing their job, a building block for society, is one of the best return on the.


When you will be the source of Thanksgiving into the bottom of my heart, you will find that not only helped you appreciate the talent is worth. Your opponent, or even the enemy, but also with a heart of thanksgiving to face. It is true that they give you harm, pain and helplessness, but it is on these, you will develop, will grow only at a time of struggle and repeated failure to find the true meaning of success. Thanksgiving your enemies, which requires greater courage and noble spirit. When you do this, the Thanksgiving flowers you have in mind the blooming quietly.


At all this, you will reach a higher realm. You back to transcend barriers of society to appreciate the sky, the sun, the earth with the rain - it is they who created you, go Thanksgiving all people - they make this world more vibrant. Finally, when all the calm, the wind has to stop, you will return to the growth of primitive things to appreciate life. It is precisely because of this, you have a chance to feel all the beautiful universe. In this magical collection of lies, you will find all things the most worthy things that Thanksgiving is the life - is yourself.


When you complete this Thanksgiving after the reincarnation, you will find that you are from Thanksgiving Thanksgiving was far more than strength. You learned to concern, concern of all small people, concerned about the nature of everything; you learned tolerance, tolerance of you deceived the people you hurt; you learned to brave, to love all people - big love speechless. You can see, brought to you by Thanksgiving, it really is a pure and kind heart. When people see that after all this - who would say that Thanksgiving is not the United States do?



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