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你不知道,我爱你 You do not Know, I Love You

作者: admin来源: 网络文章 时间: 2016-09-13

Tonight, wind and willow, heart month on.


Hold a moonlight in my hand, imagine you are like me, facing the moon long sigh. With the relentless passage of the years, we still harbor the same emotions leave traces in our mundane lives.


Day the wind rush came, and then disappeared without a trace. I still stand alley, lonely wait.Wind howls, wind in my hair, with sand flying into my eyes, my vision blurred, and you are so lost in my eye at the end.


Tonight, where are you?


My heart flowing long melancholy and lonely, longing in my heart roundabout irresolute, the depths of my eyes is your endless smile, behind me is the never-ending Red Dust.


Horizon right close, love to dream. Your words, gentle rain, moisture comes from my heart to your sadness. Walking in the rain, I can feel your breath, pure and humid. Yo between heaven and earth, I often stood waiting in the years of the air, the wind guarding, guarding the rain, waiting for the occasional encounters between you.


Multi want to go in the rain I can meet you, time is long, the Red mixed, so you gently into my umbrella, rain, flowing like a curtain. I listened to your heart Enron is willing to stay on this time, stay in the rain in May.


Tonight, where are you?


I still maintain courage, looking around, maybe I missed elsewhere, but I still stuck somewhere waiting for you, have you among the most profound spiritual truth. Without expression, I am eager to talk with you, my life is your eternal.


Maybe we live in the same city, the two ends of the city, to look us from each other. Perhaps we are overlooking the moment with a night sky, watching fireworks flirtatious color. Maybe we meet every day, just pass by.


Tonight, I looked up into the sky, longing for your heart, irresistible silence of the night, it is difficult to heal the heart sentimental. One thousand strands of emotions, how can I use a thousand words and you Whispering. In fact, no Whispering, you can agree.


My heart is as forward, when you gaze deeply, years quietly change your smile as ever. I cherish the memory of you, like treasure Zhang pages of the diary, which, remember my heartfelt thoughts, remember your unforgettable scene.


Tonight, where are you?


Do you still remember my name, your memory is still left me a little gap.


My footsteps in the vast flow of this world, because I know that every day is likely to be reunited Alarmed. Vast Xingyu, I like a fallen star, burning passion for you, fall, even if only a fantasy owner.


At this moment, if you are on my side, this long night is just a fleeting streamer.


Moon in the sky, you will not find my shadow tonight, looking for a permanent place in that silence, to find that in that month of life in a beautiful sigh.


When black hair turned white hair, the future becomes the past, I am with you with vision, but can not walk with you, everything can only become real once recalled.


Burst of breeze blowing, disrupted my imagination, but not blow my mind forever thoughts.


But, you do not know, I love you.you do not know, I love you.



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