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Time flies. 光阴似箭.

Time is life. 时间就是生命.

Times change. 时代在改变.

Time is money. 时间就是金钱.

Life is sweet. 人生是美好的.

Love is blind. 爱情是盲目的.

Extremes meet. 两极相通,有无相生。

Like knows like 人识其类。

Let well alone. 不要画蛇添足. /事已成功,不必多弄.

Marry thy like. 结婚须找同类人.

One man,no man. 个人是渺小的.

Hsitory is bunk. 历史是一堆废话。

Time marches on. 岁月如流

Murder will out. 恶行终会败露。

Never say "die'. 永远不要说" 完了".

Care is no cure. 忧虑治不了病。

Beware beginning. 慎始为上。

Deeds, not words. 行动胜于空谈.

No mill, no meal. 不磨面,没饭吃.

Like begets like. 龙生龙,凤生凤。

Love begets love. 爱爱相生.

In doing we learn. 我们在干中学习.

No cross,no crown. 未经苦难,得不到荣冠.

Care killed a cat. 忧虑能杀人。

Boys will be boys. 男孩子总是男孩子.

No song, no supper. 不出力,不得食.

The truth will out. 真相总会大白.

Time works wonders. 时间能创造奇迹.

To think is to see. 思考就是明白.

Truth will prevail. 真理必胜

A lie begets a lie. 谎言生谎言。

Years bring wisdom. 年岁带来智慧.

In love is no lack. 爱情不会感到缺乏.

Easy come, easy go. 来得容易去得 . /悖入悖出.

Every little helps. 点滴都有用.

Forgive and forget. 恢弘大度,勿念旧恶。

Manners maketh man. 举止造人品.

Laugh and grow fat. 心宽体胖 。

Knowledge is power. 知识就是力量.

Let the world slide. 人世沧桑,听其自然.

Love me,love my dog. 爱屋及乌.

Life means struggle. 生活就是斗争.

Fair play's a jewel. 比赛风格好,胜过珠宝.

Early sow,early mow. 种得早,收得早.

Grasp all, lose all. 贪多必失.

What's lost is lost. 失者不可复得。

Waste not, want not. 不浪费,不会穷.

Tomorrow never comes. 切莫依赖明天. / 我生待明日,万事成蹉跎.

No man is infallible. 没有人不犯错误。

Alms never make poor. 施舍穷不了人.

Love will find a way. 爱心所至,金石为开.

Manners make the man. 举止见人品。

Patience is a virtue. 忍耐是一种美德.

Pity is akin to love. 怜悯生爱.

Call a spade a spade. 是啥说啥,难听不怕。

Delays are dangerous. 因循出危险.

Diamond cuts diamond. 强中自有强中手.

Counsel is no command. 劝告不是命令.

Poverty tries friends. 贫穷考验朋友.

Once bitten,twice shy. 吃一次亏,学一次乖.

Pain past is pleasure. 痛苦过去即欢乐.

Leal heart lied never. 心诚无谎言。

Hot love is soon cold. 过热的爱情冷得快.

As good lost as found. 有得必有失. /得失同喜.

Every dog has his day. 瓦块也有翻身日,人人都有运来时。

Wise fear begets care. 懂得担心,就会小心.

"Never”is a long word. 不要轻易说“决不”。

After wind comes rain. 风是雨的头。

Nurture passes nature. 教养胜过天性.

Time tries all things. 时间检验一切.

Time cures all things. 时间是最好的医生. /时间能医愈一切创痛.

Truth needs no colour. 真理不需要打扮.

Silence gives consent. 沉默就是赞成。

Still waters run deep. 静水流深。

Study,study,and study. 学习,学习,再学习.

Virtue never grows old. 美德不会衰老.

No sweet without sweat. 幸福来自汗水.

No herb will cure love. 相思病无药医.

A true jest is no jest. 真正的笑语决非笑话。

A man can die but once. 人无二死.

A bargain is a bargain. 成约不能翻悔。

All men can't be first. 不可能人人得冠军。

All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马.

Every flow has its ebb. 潮有涨落日,人有盛衰时.

History repeats itself. 历史往往重演。

I think,therefore I am. 我思考,所以我存在。

Let bygones be bygones. 既往宜不咎。

Like author, like book. 书如其人。

Pardon all but thyself. 宽恕一切人,只是别宽恕自己。

Pride goes before fall. 骄者必败。

Knowledge is no burden. 知识再多不压身.

Civility costs nothing. 礼貌不费分文.

Charity begins at home. 仁爱先施于亲友.

Better late than never. 迟做总比不做好.

Better leave than lack. 有余胜过不足.

Cheapest is the dearest. 最便宜的也就是最贵的.

Custom is second nature. 习惯是第二天性。/ 习惯成自然。

In valour there is hope. 希望在于勇敢.

Reason rules all things. 理智统治一切.

Learn young, learn fair. 学习趁年少,而且要学好.

Idleness rusts the mind. 懒散使头脑衰退.

Health and money go far. 有了健康和钱财,就能走遍天下。

Hope well and have well. 善寄希望于未来,又善保有现在.

Hope is a lover's staff. 希望是爱者的手扶之杖.

Every Jack has his Jill. 人均有其偶.

If the cap fits,wear it. 帽子合适,你就戴上;如说的符合你的情况,你就接受。

Failure teaches success. 失败乃成功之母.

First think, then speak. 熟思而后言.

Forewarned is forearmed. 凡事预则立。

Barking dogs don't bite. 吠犬不咬人。

Beauty is but skin-deep. 美只是外表, /不能以貌取人.

Beauty will buy no beef. 漂亮不能当饭吃。

Good wine needs no bush. 酒好无需挂幌子。

Great minds think alike. 英雄所见略同。

All his geese are swans. 自己的鹅都是天鹅。

A poet is born,not made. 诗人靠天成。

A snow year,a rich year. 瑞雪兆丰年。

No man is indispensable. 没有一个人是不可缺少的。/少了谁地球也转。

Never hope for too much. 不要期望太多.

Tomorrow is another day. 明天又是一个新的开始.

Time is life for doctors. 对医生来说,时间就是生命.

Time is the great healer. 时间是最好的医治者.

Time works great changes. 时间会产生巨大的变化.

Two can play at the game. 你会耍的花招,别人也会。

Success has many friends. 成功者朋友多.

No pleasure without pain. 乐中必有苦.

Take things as they come. 随遇而安。

Talent is as talent does. 是不是有实才,就看干得来干不来.

All for one, one for all. 人人为我,我为人人.

A little pot is soon hot. 壶小易沸,量小易怒.

A cat may look at a king. 猫也可以看皇帝。/ 地位虽不同,人人应平等。

A good marksman may miss. 好射手也有失手的时候.

Anger is a brief madness. 愤怒是短暂的疯狂。

Wonders will never cease. 奇迹无穷尽。

You never know your luck. 命运好坏不由已.

Youth is half the battle. 年轻是胜利的一半.

As the call, so the echo. 发什么声音,有什么回声。

As the tree,so the fruit. 什么树结什么果。

He who hesitates is lost. 当断不断,反受其乱.

Fortune favours the bold. 天助勇者。

Forbidden fruit is sweet. 禁果分外甜。

From saving comes having. 富有来自节俭.

Fool's haste is no speed. 急急忙忙, 欲速反慢.

Fair and softly goes far. 谦和者致远。

Every man has his faults. 人都有缺点.

Hunger is the best sauce. 饥者口中尽佳肴.

Learn even from an enemy. 即使是敌人也可以向他学习.

Little goods little care. 钱财少,不烦恼.

Practise what you preach. 躬行己说,身体力行. /自己怎么说,就得怎么干.

Second thoughts are best. 再思为上.

It is hard to please all. 要使人人满意是件难事。

Business before pleasure. 先工作,后娱乐./干完正事再玩儿.

It is dogged that does it. 有志者事竞成.

It's a day after the fair. 错过良机,为时已晚。

Reading enriches the mind. 开卷有益.

Opportunities do not wait. 机不可失,时不再来.

Other times,other manners. 隔代不同礼。

Love laughs at locksmiths. 爱情嘲笑锁匠. /爱情能克服困难.

Let the sleeping dogs lie. 莫惹是非。

Every medal has two sides. 每个勋章都有两面。/ 每个问题都有正反两面。

Every bean hath its black. 每粒蚕豆都长黑嘴。 / 人都有缺点。

Even Homer sometimes nods. 即使荷马也会打盹. /智者千虑,必有一失.

Facts are stubborn things. 事实都是顽强的. /事实是掩盖不住的.

Every why has a wherefore. 凡事必有因.

Fortune favours the brave. 天佑勇士。

Art is long,life is short. 人生短暂,艺术长存。

Bad times make a good man. 艰难困苦出能人.

Better be sure than sorry. 稳当总比后悔好。

Good counsel does no harm. 忠言有利无害。

Anything for a quiet life. 悠然自在最难求.

Appearances are deceptive. 外表是靠不住的。

Who knows most says least. 知道得最多的人说得最少。

A good deed is never lost. 好心一定有好报。

A lazy youth, a lousy age. 少时懒惰老来苦.

A watched pot never boils. 心急锅不开.

Take time by the forelock. 要把握时机.

Nothing seek,nothing find. 无所求则无所获.

Never do things by halves. 做事不可半途而废.

The wages of sin is death. 为恶者应灭亡。

Sow nothing, reap nothing. 春不播,秋不收. /无功不能受禄.

True love never grows old. 真正的爱永不衰老.

Sharp tools make good work. 工欲善其事,必先利其器.

Sweep before your own door. 正人先正己。


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