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关于五四青年节英语作文 Chinese Youth’s Day

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关于五四青年节英语作文一  Chinese Youth's Day

Chinese Youth's Day is on May 4th, it is to in honor of the students' movement in the year of 1919, at that time, the government made a failing diplomacy in Paris, which resulted in signing the treaty of losing the land.  When the students heard about this, they were so angry that they paraded around the street to go against the government's decision.  The movement is completely against the imperialism and feudalism, it has great effect on Chinese history.  Since then, the new Chinese government made that day as Youth's Day to commemorate its influence.  Now on that day, many activities will be hold, we could see the new feature in the young generation, they are brave and fight for their future.



关于五四青年节英语作文二 Chinese Youth's Day

Some people say that youth is a song, echoed the cheerful, beautiful melody; Some people say that youth is a draw, engraved with the rich, romantic colors.


80 years ago, in order to expel darkness for light, for an independent homeland and the rich and powerful, a group of high-spirited youth with blood and lives to write the song the most magnificent song of youth, drawn on a most magnificent picture of the youth.


Today, "54" Sports as a glorious page has been included in the annals of the Chinese nation. However, "54" is much more than just a historical case, it is a spirit, to show young people of our nation fiery love for the future and destiny of the country concerned about the performance of duty and mission of young people.


Today, we had the honor of this generation of young people living in the reform and opening up a good time, had the honor of standing at the meeting point of century and millennium on.  We are fortunate.  Facing the new century, our responsibility. Recalling our carry forward the "54" the spirit of thinking seriously, and they should have a kind of youth, what kind of life.  Recall that the initial start Know "54" is a history lesson from the primary and secondary.



关于五四青年节英语作文三 May Fourth Movement


Chinese intellectual revolution and sociopolitical reform movement. In 1915 young intellectuals inspired by Chen Duxiu began agitating for the reform and strengthening of Chinese society through acceptance of Western science, democracy, and schools of thought, one objective being to make China strong enough to resist Western imperialism. On May 4, 1919, reformist zeal found focus in a protest by Beijings students against the Versailles Peace Conferences decision to transfer former German concessions in China to Japan. After more than a month of demonstrations, strikes, and boycotts of Japanese goods, the government gave way and refused to sign the peace treaty with Germany. The movement spurred the successful reorganization of the Nationalist Party and gave birth to the Chinese Communist Party.  See also Treaty of Versailles.



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