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我最喜欢的电影 My Favorite Movie

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I am very happy to have a film class in school. Because there are many people in the film the truth, the church in my daily life encountered anything to be solved. Among them, I like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", this movie.


The queen in the movie is very jealous of the beauty of snow white. The queen thought three ways to set up the snow white. The first way is to let the servant put her in the forest and kill her. But the servant took pity on her, she let go of the. The second method is to use a poisoned comb poisoned her, was the seven dwarves found and helped her pull out a comb, snow white again. The third method is the queen made a poison apple, lied to the princess to eat a poisonous apple, to poison her. The seven dwarfs have no way to save her. The neighboring Prince snow white to save. They also got married, the queen knew that after being alive mad.


Snow white in the film is very good and beautiful, but it is easy to believe that a stranger, but also very greedy, to take someone else's things, she also casually eat something strange. Finally hurt yourself. I can't believe that people, like her, don't be cheap, it won't be hurt.
The film is very good. I like it very much





Movie is my favorite that I always watch movies when I am free. Since I like English verymuch, so the English movie is my favorite, too. Among so many films I havewatched, the one I like best is HighSchool Musical. This film tells the stories about two high school juniorsfrom rival cliques – Troy Bolton, captain of the basketball team, and GabriellaMontez, a beautiful and shy transfer student who is a hard working girl. Together,they try out for the lead parts in their high school musical. In this process,a series of stories happen, but in the end, the musical achieves great successand Troy and Gabriella fall in love with each other. It’s totally a happyending. I like this movie because the high school life in that is so colorfuland amazing, which I admire so much. Besides, everyone loves happy ending oflove story.

我喜欢电影,平时有时间的时候我一般都是看电影。我非常喜欢英语,因此英语电影也是我喜欢看的。在我所看过的电影中,我最喜欢的是《歌舞青春》。这部电影讲述了两个高中生的故事——学校篮球队的队长Troy Bolton和性格害羞、长相甜美、成绩优异的新生Gabriella Montez。他们要一起主演学校的音乐剧。在这个过程中,发生了一系列的故事,而最终,音乐剧获得了成功,他们之间也碰撞出了爱的火花,完美落幕。我喜欢这部电影的原因是因为电影中展现的高中生活丰富多彩、奇妙无比,让我十分羡慕。再者,有谁不喜欢爱情故事的大圆满结局呢。




I like watching movies very much. My favorite movie is Twilight. It is a beautiful love story between vampire and mankind. The main characters are named Edward and Bella. They can’t help loving each other. Edward is a vampire who has lived hundreds of years, while Bella just a ordinary high school student. They are classmates. When Bella recognizes that Edward is a vampire, she still chooses to love him under the pressure of every aspect. And Edward also pick the choice to protect Bella at all costs. This is their beginning of love.


I like this movie so much that I have seen it four times. I think the movie stars in it are very beautiful and handsome. Secondly, the plot is very attractive and excited. And the scenery is beautiful too. In a word, I just like it the moment I see it.





My favourite movie is "Gone With the Wind".It's a vivid show of the life before and afterthe American Civil war which lasted for 4 years.


The leading actress of the movie Scarlett played by Vivien Leigh originally was the daughter of a plantation owner in the south,she was beautiful ,and had a pair of green eyes like a cat.But the war took everything away ,her mother ,her newly-married husband and the prosperity of her hometown.What left to her was endless poverty and Tara.However ,Scarlett wasn't defeated,she's the bravest one,even braver than any men ,to face the current situation ,accept it and finally change it.Undoutedly ,Scarlett was selfish and indifferent.And those shortcomings ultimately lead to her misfortune.She hurt the man Rhett who loved her so much again and again.After their daughter and Melanie died,Rhett finally decided to leave .


"Gone With the Wind " is not only a motivational film but also an affectional one.To Rhett ,Scarlett was the only woman he loved more than any he'd ever loved and the one he waited for longer than any he'd ever waited for.Even the war and the deathdidn't stop his love to Scarlett.


Will Rhett come back again?I asked myself again and again.That's the the mostthought-provoking part of the movie.





My favorite movie is "leaf asked." it in the description of the year when the war gone with China, leaf asked is a pure passion for martial arts, the pursuit of the freedom of wu chi, full of hatred and the great age of tragedy is not in his vision, he only focused on the dedication and passion for martial arts. However, for the love of nation and the spirit of martial arts obtain, leaf asked step by step out of the limitations of wu chi, than ask of yourself in a big fast dripping wet, shoulder the revitalization of the Chinese flag.

我最喜欢的一部电影是《叶问》,它在描述当年正值战祸乱世的中国,叶问是一名单纯醉心武术,追求于自由的武痴,充满仇恨和悲剧的大时代并不在他的视野当中,他只专注于对武术的执着与热情.然而,出于对民族的热爱和对武术精神的不 断参悟,叶问一步步走出武痴的局限,在一场大快淋漓的自我比拚中,扛起振兴中华的大旗.

The film made me understand that no matter what to do, all want to stick to it, even if only a glimmer of hope, also cannot shoes tied knot - refers to fall by the wayside, don't lost. The leaf asked, in the movie is my favorite person, because he can in order to carry forward the Chinese martial arts, even if be compelled to desperate, will struggle with the western people in the end, his persistence and determination, let me forget.



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