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ѧϰ֪ʶҪ Approaches to Knowledge

: adminԴ: ʱ: 2017-04-04

There have been a lot of ways of acquiring knowledge. And the number is increasing unexpectedly owing to the popularization of modern mass media.

However, reading books has always been the major and convenient approach to knowledge. One may acquire most of his knowledge through reading books, since they can be carried easily and read leisurely everywhere at any time. Another equally important means of acquiring knowledge is through practice, especially learning from others. It is unlikely for a person to get all-round knowledge by merely reading books. As a matter of fact, genuine knowledge comes from practice.

Although books and practice are indispensable to the enrichment of one's knowledge, other means shouldn't be turned aside. With the development of IT industry, people tend to hunt for knowledge by means of Internet. Internet is changing people's traditional approaches to knowledge. It has found its way into every field of the world.


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