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① 对此活动的认识

② 个人优势

③ 你的计划

Dear judges:

I am Li Hua, a girl of 17, and now study in Senior High 2 in our school. The moment I saw the message on our school bulletin, I was determined to apply to you for the opportunity to be a volunteer for the Hope Primary School, tutoring the kids there in English.

I have a good command of English. Presently I work as a member of Loving Heart Club in our school. Voluntary work has helped me build up confidence and developed good communication skills.

In my humble opinion, being a volunteer teacher at the Hope Primary School. is obviously more than just teaching Furthermore, it is of great value to broaden our horizons and improve our understanding of the world. That's why I'd like very much to take this opportunity and make the most of my special talents and interests. By helping those kids, I feel I can make a big difference to their future and make a small contribution to society.

I'd appreciate it so much if you could possibly consider my application. I'm looking forward to your early reply and please email me at Lihua @ yahoo, com. cn.

Yours sincerely,

Li hua






September 9th, 2010

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am very interested in the advertisement for some assistants in our school library. I would like to apply for such a post.

Here is why I am fit for this job. First, I have a strong love for books. Once I work in the library, I feel as if I were a bee in sweet flowers. I will treat every book with great care. Secondly, I have a good habit of keeping everything in order. As we know, the books in the library should be kept in good order every day, which is just what I am expert at. What's more, the clean environment is most important to a library. It is my responsibility to keep the library clean and tidy. Above all, I have a warm personality. If my schoolmates' requests are reasonable and are permitted in our library, I will offer my hand without hesitation. 珍惜) this chance and fulfill my responsibility heart and soul. Thank you for your sparing time to read my letter. I am looking forward to your reply. (cell phone: 13800000008)

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Lu






Everyone has a dream. Some may dream of being millionaires; others give more preference to important leaders as their dreams; there're still others who tend to dream as popular singers or actors, etc. However, as a school student, I show a special liking for teachers.

As far as teachers are concerned, they play an increasingly important role in school life. It is their laborious work that reaps bountiful (大量的,充足的) benefits for the growth of students (使?受益). All they do is give instruction and impart (传授) knowledge for the sake of students' all-around development. They set a good example to us with regard to knowledge, modesty and wisdom. I'm greatly influenced by their noble personality. For this reason and out of admiration, there's no doubt that I dream of assuming the teaching post as my ideal job in the future.

If I became a teacher, I would teach in Western China as a volunteer. A large number of poor students are lacking in opportunities for education. They desire that they be educated as well as those in cities. I hope I'll offer some help in their pursuit of (在追求?时) knowledge. And I'm greatly convinced that I'll realize my dream as long as I put all my heart and soul to studies. (206 words)



The well-known proverb “Where there is a will, there is a way” has long been accepted by all of us. It means that whenever we meet challenges or difficulties, we will eventually succeed as long as we have a strong will.

It is widely recognized that thought decides behavior, nothing will be hard to a determined and persistent(坚持不懈的)person. Now, we are faced with the College Entrance Examination, we need to set a goal for ourselves and strive for it, otherwise we will have no motivation(动力)to get our goal achieved. So, having a goal and woking hard for it is the base of our success.

No one can deny that constant effort brings success, so long as we study with perseverance(毅力). What we need to do now is to get rid of bad habits, improve study efficiency(效率)and discuss with our teachers actively. Everything comes to him who waits(功夫不负有心人). Thanks to the strong will, the dying branches finally got the green leaves of the Spring. Perseverance means victory.

Living in an age when the modern competition becomes more and more fierce, a strong will

seems more than necessary. With this awareness, we can cope with what we will encounter(遇到)in the future better and overcome all the challenges more calmly and confidently. (212 words)



In the picture, we can see that the girl's parents and her grandmother are helping the girl,which makes it impossible for the girl to ride bicycle on herself. What is more ridiculous, her mother even takes some medicine with her

In fact, this is not a picture just for fun. It tells us that parents shouldn't help their children too much. They should let their children be more independent.

Many parents share the opinion that they must get everything ready for their children so that

their children can put more emphasis on their study. They all failed to consider that with the help of this kind, children won't be able to lead their own life without their parents in the future. Nowadays, it is often reported that a certain college student don't know how to wash her socks! How can she compete with others after graduation?

Love and attention is needed in the growth of a child, but it should never be too much or you 'll spoil the child and he will accomplish nothing in his life.



① 简要描述俱乐部开展的一项与英语有关的主要活动;

② 谈谈你们开展该活动的收获。

Dear members,

It is a great honor for me to speak here on behalf of our English club, which was formed a couple of months ago. I'm also delighted that our club has conducted a series of meaningful and significant activities with active participation from all club members.

Firstly, our club engaged most of the members in offering services to the visitors to the 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai. As the Expo received a great many visitors on a daily basis, it required volunteers, particularly those with a good command of English. On hearing the call, all members devoted their time and efforts

to the service to others.

Secondly, all of us demonstrated a high sense of responsibility in the whole course. Not only did many improve their basic skills but also promoted cultural exchange between the Chinese people and people throughout the world. By overcoming difficulties, they gained more confidence in communicating with native speakers from English-speaking countries. All the participants expressed the felling that they benefited from dialogues in practical situations far more than in classroom lectures or presentations. They all agreed that they had deepened their understanding of various cultures in addition to Western civilization.

To sum up, I believe future activities like this will be organized to make our club more attractive rewarding and energetic. (220 words)




Your class has made a survey about the breakfast the students take. The information you have collected are as follows,

As is shown in the table, 65% of the students have breakfast regularly and the rest have irregular breakfast, or even skip it. Among the students who have breakfast every day, only 15% of them have a balanced diet which includes bread, milk, and egg or fruit. This has aroused our concern for the students' health.

First of all, many students don't know the importance of breakfast. Schools should invite some experts to give students lectures on a balanced diet. Besides, many parents have limited knowledge about what a balanced diet is, so the media should give some tips on it. Finally, teachers should release the students' burden and let them have more time to take breakfast.

In one word, every student should have a regular breakfast. The more balanced diet one has, the healthier he will be!



1 晚会的目的

2 晚会的时间,地点,参与人员

3 晚会的内容和其他注意事项等

It's high time to hold a farewell party after three years' study in our high school. As monitor, I am responsible for making full preparations for it so that it is necessary to list some key factors of the party.

To begin with, I plan to choose our school hall as the place for the party. Given (鉴于) the fact that most students cannot afford the high expense, the choice I made is sure to help save money. On the other hand, the familiar surroundings will remind every student of his or her precious school memory.

Next, the aim of the party is more than to recall the students' memory; what matters most is to provide a golden opportunity for students to express our own future ambition and show our talent freely through various discussions and wonderful performance. If the teachers and parents can be invited to the party, we may turn to them for advice and it must add to a warm atmosphere. Of course, the party will be a good chance for us to show our gratitude to the teachers and parents for their considerate care and help. Though we are doomed to say goodbye, the farewell party must be an unforgettable and meaningful experience. (210 words)


九、以“选修课”(elective courses/ optional courses)” 为主题写一篇作文,该文章必须包括以下内容:





In our school, a variety of elective courses are available. Attending elective courses has become an important part of our study and elective courses are valuable to us in many ways. I have taken the table tennis course, and it is an amazing experience. Playing table tennis every week helps to build my body and relieve my stress. With the teacher's help, I have learned how to make the eyes, brain and muscles work together and how pleasant it is to play a few games after a whole morning's study. The table tennis course is also good for character developing. In games, I have learned to play fair and cooperate with others in doubles, which will help me to have team spirit in my future career.

I have come to realize that elective courses benefit us both physically and mentally. I believe that they will have a great impact on us as time goes by.


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