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I had a cold winter.


A novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in early 2020 broke out in a more cold year. The Spring Festival should be joyful, but it is cold and clear; the streets should be bustling, but there are few people; the heart should be full of expectation, excitement, but full of tension and uneasiness.


My family and I only stayed for a few days. In my hometown, my days were boring. I finished the exercises in several class hours I took from home too early. There's nothing to do at home except to take care of my grandfather, who's nearly 80 years old. No one came to visit. I often squat in front of the big red gate which was even worse than me in my hometown that year. I look at the road paved with loess with my eyes. I hope to see some familiar figures of people or cars, but I can't see anything. It's empty and lifeless. It looks like Like the dead earth. Sometimes, my eyes will travel to the asphalt street far away. There are only three or two sporadic cars on the street, speeding towards. My heart, can not help but rise a trace of desolation "This coronavirus is so severe?" I couldn't help thinking.


It's an amazing early time to go home. Maybe it's because there's no one at home. Maybe it's because of fear I went back to my home in Xingtai. Life is still like before, living regularly and spending most of the time in front of the desk. There is no TV at home, and the computer is also controlled by the parents. In one day, in addition to eating in the living room, other times are accompanied by books in their own house. Oh, there's no possibility of going out to play. Now it's almost like going out to eat by yourself. Who knows the name of "coronavirus"?


Everyone lives like a wild animal trapped in a cage, and the hunter is a "coronavirus".


For the first time, I was excited. In the past days, I have never taken online classes. After my father drove me out of the house, he opened the password for me. I'm very angry, but I think it will be like this for more than ten days, and my anger is pressed down by me. When I got to the computer, I quickly grabbed the stool, held the mouse, clicked on the browser at an extremely fast speed, and planned to put the web address I remembered on the Internet. However, as soon as I entered the browser, a group of information came from all over the world. It's about this virus. They are full of websites, leaving no space. I'm surprised. I never knew that the epidemic was so serious. In fact, I'm also an "ancient ape". After all, in the information age, the semi isolation of the Internet and the blind are no doubt fast. Naturally, I don't know much about the epidemic. I stayed in my eyes and stared at the information reports one after another, and then I knew that the number of people suffering from the disease was nearly ten thousand. I can't help but think of the terrible disaster in 2003....


The torrent of information engulfed me. I was immersed in the whirlpool of Internet for half an hour. I am deeply shocked, not only because of the great harm of coronavirus, which makes me feel creepy, but also because those white "rebels" who take the epidemic situation as their cause stand up for me. They face the difficulties, hand in hand, side by side, with their bodies and hands, and build a strong and solid life line! I want to give them a sentence, which I didn't want to read on the Internet "No one is born to be a hero, but there are always people who make great achievements with ordinary efforts."


In time span, mind leisurely and return. After writing this composition, I am deeply moved. Although I don't feel the same, I know that I will never be lonely again. Because, although the days will not change, I know that I am not alone in the efforts, white heroes are leading me forward.


I had a warm winter.



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