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Recently, an epidemic named "new type of coronavirus pneumonia" has spread widely among the population. All the infected people will have symptoms such as fever, cough, expectoration and fatigue. If it is serious, it will cause life danger. This virus was originally transmitted from Wuhan. But why did it spread from Wuhan? This is because in the market of South China in Wuhan, it is illegal to resell the game infected with the virus. It is the greed of some people that makes the ecology of nature out of balance, and human beings suffer from this fate.


In these days when the virus appears, there are such a group of people who are not afraid of infection. They rush to the front line, devote themselves to work silently, protect the health of patients silently, and even some people fall in the front line with the virus. They wear white clothes, and they heal people. These people are medical workers who are called angels in white. They never give up fighting pneumonia, even in the new year, in such a grand festival of family reunion, they still fight in their jobs. Although they can't be reunited with their relatives, they don't regret it, because there are more patients waiting for them to treat them, and the doctors are kind-hearted. Isn't it "rare in the world"?


Through the small TV screen, I saw a lot of touching pictures, including a doctor in order to protect his family and consciously isolate himself from his family. When his white haired mother came to visit, he could only see each other through the glass of the iron door, which made me cry. Mother's love is selfless. Family's love in front of the war is small love, while doctors are helping patients and controlling the spread of the virus is big love. In fact, doctors and nurses all know the dangers and difficulties faced in the "war" with the virus, but they are still retrograde and guarding the patients. What a great spirit it is!


Of course, from this epidemic, I also saw the strength of the motherland, the unity of the people, and many medical staff struggling to fight against the virus. What they put into the blood for the patients is not only the medicine for curing the disease and saving people, but also full of deep love.


What makes me most proud is that my mother is also a doctor. Although she didn't go to the front line, I adored and admired her spirit of curing illness and saving lives. Mom is always the last one to go home because of work. I remember just a few days ago, it was rare for our family to have a reunion dinner together. As soon as Mom sat down to eat, the phone rang. It was from a patient. The voice on the phone was very anxious. After explaining the illness, mom immediately put down the dishes and chopsticks and picked up her coat to go out. Grandma and grandpa loved their daughter very much and said, "I'll go after dinner. It's not bad for a while." "Mother said:" the patient's condition is serious, I have to go to see if he has a fever, come back to eat it Then she quickened her pace and rushed to her job. Although my mother's work is very busy, I don't have much time to accompany me, but I don't blame her. On the contrary, I always envy my mother when she treats her patients.


The image of my mother Wei'an is fixed in my heart, which also makes me understand that love home is small love, and patriotism is big love. When doctors and nurses treat patients, they know that the disease is a tiger. The tiger can eat people, but it can rush up and send warmth to patients against danger. This is responsibility and great love! When I grow up, I will also like my mother, become a soldier guarding the motherland. In the state-owned war, I will return and win!



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