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作者: admin来源: 网络文章 时间: 2020-04-05

This year's Spring Festival is different from previous years. During the Spring Festival, the streets that used to be full of traffic are now very empty, and there are only a few vehicles and pedestrians. The restaurants used to be full of seats, but now they are sparrows. The parks used to be full of people during the Spring Festival, but now they are empty. The shopping malls used to be bustling, but now they are cold and clear Novel coronavirus has spread all over the country, and people are staying at home to avoid viruses.


The virus is threatening, with more than two confirmed cases in just over 10 days. 80000 cases, but under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the whole country quickly and comprehensively launched the prevention and control of the epidemic! Selfless medical staff gave up the holiday of reuniting with their families, and have been holding their own posts; medical research experts from xuanhu Jishi rushed to the front line of the epidemic area to contain the epidemic and protect hundreds of millions of Chinese; brave and fearless people's child soldiers assisted in the fight against the epidemic; honest and kind Our journalists are the first to provide us with the latest epidemic information every day. Our party members and cadres dare to take the lead in fighting the epidemic. Our entrepreneurs and overseas compatriots are generous. Our international friends are donating materials And you and I who are self-conscious and self disciplined and stay at home and don't add chaos to the country. Do not go out, do not visit friends, wash hands frequently, often ventilate, pay attention to the epidemic situation, do not spread rumors, we are united to fight the epidemic.


Among these heroes, I am deeply impressed by academician Zhong Nanshan. At the age of 84, he sat on the high-speed railway from Guangzhou to Wuhan, rushed to the front line of the epidemic area, and led the medical staff to fight against the disease. Academician Zhong Nanshan works hard every day and can only sleep for more than 4 hours at night. When I saw that his eyes were puffy and everyone reported the epidemic situation, I felt extremely distressed. No wonder people all said, "if there is Yuan Longping, there will be food. If there is Zhong Nanshan, there will be no fear of illness." Grandpa Zhong, you are everyone's "good medicine" and you are everyone's "reassurance". I want to learn from you and be a person who will serve the country, the society and the people in the future. www.yyzw.com


In this war without gunpowder, there are also some "black sheep". There are people who capture wild animals for money; people who satisfy their taste buds and eat wild animals; unscrupulous profiteers who sell masks that don't meet the standards and coax the price hikers when they are in trouble Please wake up, you people. Don't you understand the principle that "a country has difficulties, everyone has responsibilities" and "a country has a family"?


Wuhan is bound to win! China is bound to win! I believe that people will win the war without gunpowder if they unite as one. Soon our life is back to the normal: the streets are busy, the shopping malls are busy, the parks are busy, we are happy to go to school with schoolbags on our backs.



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