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With the advent of mobile phone and computer , the phenomenon that people always are phubbing are becoming more and more popular.So many students phubbed in the coach ,train or restaurant even walked on the road.


As to this issue,different people has different ideas .Some take the view that it is no use connecting but may cause the big events. Such as the accident or fight. There is no doubt that phubbing is a false behavior .While others think the opposite,they agree that there is no way but have to do it .because the time is limited.


As far as I am concerned ,every coin has two sides .while most people prefer it,the phubbing is a bad habit .As a matter of fact ,a few person mostly do a good deed.



低头族英语作文二:Can you live without a mobile phone

It is indeed difficult to live without a mobile phone as it helps us in day to day activities. I cannot live without a mobile phone. Today's generation uses mobile phones for chatting, surfing and playing games. They don't use the mobile phone for the real purpose. I admit that living wothout a mobile phone is extremely difficult but I can live without addicting apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. The iPhone is a gadget that is encouraging to use social apps and addicting games. These gadgets though facilitate our work but are making us their slaves. For example, if a person's iPhone is not working properly, he will be filled with anger. As new technology is creating new gadgets, so are people raising new demands. They also hamper academics. Buy a mobile phone but use it for something productive.




In the past, if I had to look away from my phone, I felt like I was going to die. When I had lunch with my family or dated with my friends, I couldn't resist replying to a text message or checking my Facebook, WeChat on the mobile phone. Before long, it was easy for me to get tired. The more I texted during the day, the poor my sleep was. I couldn't even focus on my study.


My friend told me that people who can't help checking their phones all day are known as phubbers(低头族). Phubbing trends not only to involve the young people, but also the elderly. Soon, I noticed a Stop Phubbing campaign site had been launched. I found the slogan of the website as follows: "stop twittering, stop posting photos…enjoy your food, enjoy the music and respect your campaign."


Thankfully, I realized there was actually an outside world. My divided attention could keep me from what is truly important. Now, I can use the phone without feeling like a drug addict. I have more time to enjoy real-life activities. Use your cell phone and don't let it use you.




I have heard a beautiful poetry, written by a novelist, Amy Cheung. With a little adjustment, it can vividly depict the alienation among people in reality - "The further distance in the world is not between life and death. But when I stand in front of you, your eyes turn to your smartphone; don't know that I love you."

我听过一位小说家Amy Cheung写的一首优美的诗。通过调整,可以生动地刻画现实中人与人之间的异化——“世间的距离不是生与死的距离。但当我站在你面前时,你的目光转向你的智能手机,不知道我爱你。”

The smartphone has been gaining a great popularity, becoming a toxic compulsion. It has invaded our lives and occupied all our interstitial time. It is so commonly seen that the smartphone addicts attend to their phone, ignoring everything. Even meeting with friends, they often pull out the phone in order to take a photo, check a message or even play with a game. Seeming connected with the whole world, they have actually fiddled the conversation and done harm to the relationship.


It is high time that we threw away the phone and raised our heads up. Do cherish the ones around us and appreciate the splendid scenery ahead of us.



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